Some Tips To Consider When Choosing The Right Shrimp To Buy

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Among different varieties of seafood that American like most, shrimp ranks at the top. It is one of the seafood which never stays in the market for a long time. Even people who don’t like fish will enjoy eating shrimps. However, there are a different number of ways in which shrimps can be prepared. But the first step starts with selecting the right one. Some people will be confused about what to look for when buying shrimps. Do not worry anymore.

The dense white meat of shrimp has fresh, mild flavor that will always combine well will different types of ingredients. However, there are two widespread species of shrimps sold worldwide which include the warm water species and the cold water species.  However, if you want to buy cold water species, you should shop near north Atlantic and northern Pacific waters as they are caught in those areas while the warm water species are caught in tropical waters.  A  large number of warm water shrimps found in the United States are harvested from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic. However, since you want to buy the right stuff, you should keep some things in mind.

It is advisable that when buying shrimps at, you should look for the frozen ones with their shells on if possible. This is because in most cases, shrimps are frozen immediately they have been harvested. Also, it has been known that the longer the shrimps are frozen, the fresher they will be. You deserve a fresh shrimp, and therefore frozen option is the best for you.

You should also look into buying the shrimps with firm white meat and a full shell. Many people have seen how relevant it is in avoiding frozen shrimp that has already peeled and deveined. It pays you a good investment. Peeled and deveined shrimps will be less protected against freezer burn without its shell. Make sure you buy a shrimp which has its shell. This is because they tend to be fresher in the market. Get more facts about seafood at

One precaution given to all shrimp buyers is that they should never buy shrimps with black spots or rings if it is not a black tiger shrimp. This is a clear indication that the meat is starting to break down due to wrong storing procedures. It may cause side effects to your health. Ensuring that the shell is yellow before buying the shrimp will always be very important. This is because it is a clear indication that the shrimp has been bleached. Start now!


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